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Friday, January 8, 2016

December Winner

December Winner
 and a Rescue

Gwen was the lucky winner of the December painting
 of an Osprey.   

 I took the photo for reference in Naples, FL.
Heading back there real soon.

I give away a painting every month,
so scroll back up to the top of this page
to the right and sign up to win the January painting.
If you've already signed up once,
you're in.

Now for the rescue.
I bought a set of wooden canisters from the 50's or 60's
at an auction a few months ago.
I brought them home and cleaned them up and then 
repainted them.

I gave them to my granddaughter Kelsie
for her hope chest.  She's a college student and has been collecting things for her own home for several years.

They look white but they're almost a taupe
and the little knobs on the top are white.
Then I added some chalk board stickers.
I think they are so cute.

Paint is the cheapest way to transform anything
and these wooden canisters went from barely wanted,
to really cute.

This was the vision


  1. Lucky December winner, and lucky Kelsie, those canisters look amazing, and how wonderful for her to have them with all the love you painted in...

  2. Thanks so much Meredith. I always love to see people's reactions when they get a free painting. Seeing Kelsie's reaction to the canisters was so worth it.

  3. Good to see you with a brush in your hand and the canisters turned out GREAT! How are you doing without the regular routine of running a gallery?

  4. I'm actually traveling right now, but no I haven't quite figured out a schedule or exactly how to do this.


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