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Wednesday, January 6, 2016


and lots of them.

I have not posted for a while
because I closed River Run Gallery over Christmas.

Getting all that artwork, supplies, books,
and lots of stuff home and a new studio set up
has taken more time than I expected.

I did a commission for Christmas
and didn't want to spoil the surprise,
so I didn't post it until now.

And now I just realized I didn't take a final photo of it.

  This painting is of two houses that are very important to the gentleman who commissioned them, but they are not side by side as shown.
At the end of every session I would text him and send him a photo of where I was in the painting.
After I sent him this one, we both felt it needed something in the top left corner, so I added a flock of geese.
But then forgot to take that last photo.
This painting is a 10" x 20" stretched canvas.

If you'd like a painting of your humble abode,
email me at

now I am trying to figure out where I go from here in my art career.
I am taking several weeks off 
so you won't hear from me for a while.

Then, I'll be back baby,
and I'll get all over it.

I have many plans for my art future,
some of which include promoting my online beginning painting course,
click here to see it.  

I have a great dressing table I'm finishing
and will be up for sale by the end of the month.

I've painted some small canvas pins  
I'll be showing soon. 

I'll be showing my online beginning painting course at a homeschool convention in Cincinnati during the end of March and 1st of April.

I also want to make more short beginning painting videos that will be on my facebook page for paintingwithacrylics101.

And I'll still be giving away a painting every month.

Speaking of which,
I'm getting ready to draw out a name
and when I do, I'll send you an email and you'll have 24 hours to contact me back.

So there's lots going on in my studio,
but for now,
I'm purging closets, drawers, rooms,
and then heading south the end of this week.

In case you haven't noticed,
I've added a page to this blog
of available paintings.

See you in the funny papers.  


  1. How inventive, Sharon, for you to be able to place the two houses side by side, even though in reality they are not. Interesting to hear about how you did the WIP including the customer as you went.

    As far as your art career, please know that I am standing by eager to follow your next always manage to inspire and amuse me at the same time.

    Happy New Year, my dear friend...and have a wonderful, rejuvenating trip :)

  2. Always a big thank you Meredith for your super support! I so appreciate it. I felt when doing something like this I needed to have approval every step of the way.

    We hope to have a great trip. Thanks again.


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