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Monday, May 19, 2014

I Can Do Hard Things

I Can Do Hard Things!

This was my gift to my grand daughter for graduation.

She has belonged to a home school theatre club, Center Stage Productions
 for several years and has been in a number of plays.
 I had a lot of memorabilia from the productions.

In January I had this crazy idea to make a collage of the memorabilia
and paint her as the White Witch from Narnia on top of it all.

However, I had no idea how to do it,
so I called in the experts.
My online friends who have encouraged me along the way.
Barb Pask, a fellow Mason, OH graduate helped me with the collage part.
I didn't know how to afix the "stuff" to the canvas or how to paint over it.
But Barb did and shared that info with me.
Thanks Barb.

Meredith Adler gave me some pointers on getting the painting to look more like Kelsie.  Thanks Meredith.  Your encouragement always means a lot.
Terri Buchholz also told me some reference books I might look at.  Thanks for the help even though I don't think you knew how you were helping me.

I drew 7 or so versions of her,
but only one of them even resembled her.

I painted her 6 times on panels, paper, and anything I could.
One was so horrible, I threw it away, and I never do that.

I got away from it for several weeks while I worked on her dad's campaign
and when I got home, I went to my studio and said,
"I'm putting it on the collage and if I screw it up, I screw it up".

In an hour and a half I had her face on the collage,
it looked like her.

   I knew I could get the hair on with no problem,
as that was the easiest part of the painting every time I did it.

In the close up, you can see the items under neath the painting.
I really wanted some of that to show through.

Here's the reference photo I used.  

That's quite the wig, huh?

Anyway, she was thrilled with it,
which made me feel pretty good.

There were a few weeks, that I really didn't know if I could get it completed or not.
But, I did.
Hardest thing I've ever done,
So Far.


  1. Sharon it came out great and I bet she did love it. I am so happy if I helped in any way.

  2. I was very pleased with it Barb, thanks to you guys. Thanks again.


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