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Monday, April 14, 2014

Artful Campaigning

Artful Campaigning

My Son In Law, Eric Stewart is running for Family Court Judge
in Logan County, Ohio.

I am up at their home in Bellefontaine, OH working on the campaign for a few days.

(it's pronounced Bell - fountain).

Any way
today on the campaign trail,
I drove my 14 year old grandson around out in the county
as he knocked on doors campaigning for his father.

Isn't he just the cutest???

He has helped organize the routes of 36 precincts
with all the people who regularly vote in the primaries.

He has gone out every day to spread candidate love,
and flyers and signs everywhere,
after he has done early morning seminary,
practiced the piano and
done all his homeschool work
every day for weeks.

What we learned along the road today was everyone,
OK most everyone
has an artistic bone in them somewhere.

We were out in the county, not in a city or a town,
but out in corn and cattle country,
and we saw some really cute things people decorate their yards and homes with
to make it their own.

This super cute piece was made by a little old pipe smoking man out of tree bark and other scraps.

When I asked him if I could take a picture of it,
he wanted to show me the real animals he had in his little barn.

He had two little donkeys and one of them made quite the fuss when
we were introduced.
The gentleman was quite the character
but looking at his very neat little home and not a thing out of place barn,
you wouldn't know he had much of a sense of humor
until your eye caught this.
He had it outside on a wall of his garage.
The only decoration I could see,
but isn't it adorable.

 I don't know the story behind this little gem,
but it was too cute not to photograph.

This guy said his yard was a work in progress,
but let us add to it by putting a sign in his tastefully decorated front yard.

You can see the vibrant color of this log cabin barn quilt on this huge grain farm.

The world can never have too many guard dog gargoyles.

Industrial Yard Art.

I told you this was corn and cattle country, right?

Another success story,
as Caleb places another sign in this front yard.

Here's candidate Eric Stewart,
Future Logan County Family Court Judge.

It's late,
we're all tired,
but we've had a great day of campaigning
in the heartland. 

Thanks for checking in with us today.


  1. What a wonderful experience supporting your family! Making memories and having fun too!

  2. Thanks Jacklyn. And today we have several inches so snow!

  3. We're practically neighbors - only 100 miles west of your family! Good luck with the election! Looks like he has a good campaign staff!

  4. You in Ft. Way e? We should meet up sometime when I'm going to be up here. We're out there getting it done!


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