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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What's Next?

You May be Asking,
What's Next.

Or have you fallen off the planet?


I'm actually encased in ice right now.

I put on my carharts and took my camera with the really long lense
and tromped around in the ice crusted snow to take a few pics. 

One of the many cardinals waiting in line for a spot at the feeder.

Branches are encased in ice,
just like me.

This is my lavender plants.
Wonder if they will survive?

 Here's my little house in the snow.

Frozen pipes?

Well, I'm back in the house right now and this month I'm working on my own art education.
I'll be working on improving my drawing skills, watching some videos I've purchased,
and some online videos.

Today I worked on drawing.

  Started this the other day but refined and finished it today.

It's about a 7" x 5"  graphite on paper.

I always enjoy painting and now drawing trees.

Hope the weather is good for you!


  1. You may be encased in ice, but I'm encased in snow! It's been a trying winter for sure. Love that cardinal in your icy tree! Beautiful. And your drawing it wonderful too. That tree is just right!

  2. Thanks Cathy. The problem with ice is even a 4 wheel drive can't drive in it. Oh well, I'm not going anywhere any way. Way tired of winter.

  3. You are just good at everything-what beautiful photographs and your drawing is wonderful. I want to start drawing more and you've inspired me.
    When I clicked on the cardinal photo to enlarge it, I realized there were two female cardinals in the icy tree along with the male.

  4. Thanks so much Fay. I saw the two females also. I had a really long lense so I wasn't close enough to see them.
    I was a reporter and I had to take my own photos for the paper and I was a studio photographer. If it's creative I've probably tried it, might not be good at it but I've tried it.


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