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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pet portrait class

Pet Portrait

I'll bet you're thinking,
Sharon and pet portraits?

Are you kidding me.

She's terrified of dogs!!!

But I can use a photo of a dog to paint a pet portrait.

I'm taking an online class on drawing and painting pet portraits.

Today we were working on values and different ways to draw a dog.
We worked on cats yesterday but I don't really have anything worth posting.

OK, so that's not a cat or a dog.

You're so quick.

It's a ribbon value, learning how to add value and shape to an animal.

Now for a dog.

This is about a 10 minute study of a photo I was working from.

Having fun with this and will be working on my own cats and dog maybe later today.

I know, you're shocked I have owned a dog.
Actually we've had several dogs over the years.
They've all been very special because they figured out pretty early on I was afraid of them and they each adapted pretty quickly.

Anyway, this has been fun.      


  1. Nice job on the dog portrait. Soon you'll be ready for some commissions! How's snowland?

  2. Thanks Meredith. I hope to get much much better at painting animals. Snow land is still bitter this morning with more snow tomorrow and Saturday. It got just warm enough yesterday to melt the ice a little and then dropped to 10 over night freezing it all smooth and slick. I'm sure I could hold some type of Olympic event in my yard.

    1. Hang in there and I know you will stay put! Imagine how much you will appreciate spring and all your gorgeous flowers this year!


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