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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Technology Tuesday - So You Want to Sell Some Art

If You Want to Sell Your Art,

Make it Easy for Me to Buy Your Art.

I was trolling the internet and I came across a great gallery in North Carolina.
I went to the page about painters,
and they had all their 2D artists listed.

First off, I was shocked they had that many artists that didn't have website.

No Blog, No Website?

How am I supposed to buy your art if you don't have a website?

But, then I started clicking on the websites of those that were listed,
and I looked at them all.

If you have a website and you want me to buy your beautiful art,

Please, Please, Please,
put a price and a buy now option.

I hate shopping,
and I'm not going to send you an email and ask about the price, shipping costs,
or anything else.
I don't like haggling and by the time you get back to me,
I'm either out of the mood to buy your art or I bought something from someone who made it easy.

Tell me everything I need to know about buying your art easily
with as few clicks as possible.

Then give me the option to buy
quickly, easily, no muss no fuss.

It's really OK to state how much you want for your art.
It shouldn't be a secret!
And you shouldn't apologize for your price.

What's the purpose of having a website or a blog if I can't buy from there.

It's easy to put that buy now button on your blog.
Go to Paypal and sign in.
So far so good.
Click on merchant services.
Click on create payment buttons for your website.
Then click on the type of button you want.
I usually select the Buy Now option.
Then a list opens up and I again click on the buy now option, but you have a few choices here.
Then you fill out the info in the form.
 Once you do that you click on create button.

Then click on select code and it highlights the entire cods.Now we're talking.
 Then copy, I use Control C.
Now you go to your blog where you have written about your beautiful artwork,
click on the html section.
I scroll all the way through all the code I don't understand and when I get to the end, 
I paste using Control V.
Then go back to Compose and see your beautiful buy now button.
Easy Peezy!! 

It will take a time or two to really get the hang of it,
but it will only take a few minutes once you get it,
and now people trolling the interweb in the middle of the night can buy your art.

Just to show you, here is how it works.

Watching You Watching Me
12" x 12" acrylic on a panel $100 + $10 shipping.

Another thing you probably should check, is go on your website,
blog, Daily Paintworks site, and try to buy your own art,
just to see how it works or doesn't work.

If you can't buy it, no one else can either.

     Look, there's that buy now button.  Wasn't that easy.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Sharon,
    This is Great, and I have Shared too!

  3. Thanks Jacklyn for the comment and the share. It's really not hard, and if a techno goofball like me can do it, anyone can and should, that is if you want me to buy your art.

  4. That's all well and good, but what if you create 365 paintings a year all with their blog "Buy Now" buttons. You decide to have a sale or put some on auction and all those buttons have to be changed. Times that by four or five shops/auction/social sites to do the same changes and you start to get the picture why professional Artists only have time to paint an hour a day if they're lucky. Then when you sell a piece you have to remember to remove the button or change the details to buying a print of the item. That's why I council my Art marketing students to only have one point of sale and work hard to make that the most beautiful and attractive place anyone could ever visit. Now I have to practice what I preach and get back to clicking away :)

  5. good advice but if you're going to do that then you need to make it very very clear how to buy something and link it easily enough. The other thing is I don't know many artists who are that plugged in and selling that much and if they are, hopefully they can hire someone to help do some of the grunt work so the artist can continue to paint.

  6. Great post, Sharon! Thank you for taking the time to share. Oh, so much for us artists to do!

  7. There is a lot to do. It would be great to just sit in our studios and create and that's probably what a lot of people think we do, but every business has lots of behind the scenes things that must happen for it to be successful. I come from a retail background and hated inventory control. But to manage a store well, you have to know what you have and get it out there on the shelves. I was good at it even though I hated it and we had a top store nationwide because of it. My problem has been learning how to do all the online stuff, but can now get my way around OK, but it took a while. Thanks for the comment and have a great day.


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