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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Re Work Wednesday

Reworked, Renamed and Happy

Sometimes you're just not happy when you finish with a painting.

That's how I felt about this.
First Rendition.

I didn't like the water,
I didn't like the rocks,
I didn't like the plants,
I didn't like the trees.

So I began a rework.

Now this isn't the first re-work
or even the second re-work,
but it is the one I'm happy with.


12" x 12" unframed original acrylic on a panel.

$100 + $10 shipping.

Thanks for checking this re-do out.


  1. Great redo, Sharon. I have been working on redoing one today and I just wiped away all the changes I did today and will have to try again another day. Sometimes it just takes awhile to get it right.
    Glad you kept at it, it's really nice!

  2. Thanks Fay. After the first re-do I went back in and was more disappointed than with the original. Finally, I got something I was happy with.


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