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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Technology Tuesday - What Is This?

Do You Know What This Is?

Not only did I not know what it was,

I didn't know I needed one.

Let me introduce you to the iPad stand.

I saw a similar item on Leslie Saeta's blog she uses in her chic
carriage house studio.

So I started trolling the internet looking for them.

There are some crazy prices out there,
but I found this very affordable one at  

 I've seen all sorts of stands in my quest.
Some up to $500 or more.
Are You Kidding ME???

This one lists for $25.62.

Now that's my kinds price.

Here's why I needed it.

It's so easy to take a photo of a painting and study it to find areas 
that need a "slight correction".

It's hard to see some problem areas if you're too close. You can stand back and get a good look and see what needs to be corrected.  I can see problem areas on a computer screen or an iPad easier than on the painting itself sometime.

I often have photographs on my iPad that I want to paint.
I don't want to keep going over to my iPad laying on my table to study the photo.

It stands next to my easel a little less than eye level.

This works real well this way.

An unintended benefit:

I can watch Netflix in bed with my iPad on the stand and not have to hold it.

Am I lazy or what?

Any way, if you're looking for one,
this gets my vote.



  1. Awesome info Sharon - I'm on my way to order one!!! I've looked at them before too and just couldn't spend that kind of money on it. Did you let Leslie know! :)

  2. Thanks Kellie. I don't know what hiked she has, but she's a pretty sophisticated internet troller so I figured she knew. I might send it to her for her show this week. Thanks again.

  3. Great post, Sharon. Thanks for sharing what you found, I need one of these also. What a great price and a great help for the studio and elsewhere.

  4. Thanks for sharing the info Sharon! It looks really great. I have a large moniter but this would so portable I could use it in a small space. I am back from my holiday now, so am catching up with the blogs I follow:)

  5. Thanks Fay. I was leery when I ordered it because of the low price, but it's weighted at the bottom made of stainless and can easily swivel the iPad. Appreciate your comment.

  6. Thanks Karen. It's a pretty cool find.

  7. I've been looking for one of these also! Thanks for sharing this great find.
    How easy would this be to travel with? Is the base heavy?
    Thanks Sharon!

  8. it comes knocked down in a box about 14-18" long. The base is heavy. weighs between 5-10 lbs.


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