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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Playing Catch Up

I'm Trying to Play Catch Up!

I've been without a blog for several weeks,
and I have so missed it even though I'm currently on vacation.

I couldn't post on my blog the last week of Leslie Saeta's 30 paintings in 30 
days challenge, and I really missed it.
It's still not acting 100% better,
but for right now I can post,
so post I will.

First I'm going to show you the last week of the challenge
just so I can prove I did do it.
I did post through my website and on my daily paintworks,
but I wanted the record on here.

Day 23 Of the Purple

 Day 24 Water Lilies

 Day 25 Buds

Day 26 Single

Day 27 Contemplation

 Day 28 Stargazer

 Day 29 Gone Swimming

Day 30 Let The Sunshine In

So now you've seen them all,

And just for one last look back

Not all of them are on here,
because the template only has this many or many many more
so I left off the ones I did while I was at Jerry Yarnell's studio
because while I did paint them every day
they were just studies.

All of these are available on my website

Thanks for checking it out and bearing with me during my absence.


  1. Wow, look at all we missed!! I never doubted, though, that you were still out there, painting up a storm. They look beautiful all collaged, together, too. How did you get your blog working again?

  2. Thanks so much Meredith. I really don't know how I got it working. I kept reporting it with the several different bX error codes I was getting. I went on my blog every day and tried to post and couldn't and kept working on the settings, but I just kept reporting it to blogger. I was stunned when it just started working several days ago.


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