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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day 11 Painting in Oklahoma

Three Days of Classes

I made it to Oklahoma and have been painting, painting, and more painting.

  Jerry Yarnell studio in Skiatook, OK.

Augusta Ferry

Struggled with the perspective and proportions and the truck of this.

Happy with most of it.
Truck still needs work.

But I learned a lot which was the purpose of this trip.

So, I guess I am successful.

These are two studies I did today because I have problems with water.
The one on the left will be finished tomorrow,
the one on the right is mostly done.

I could work on the splash and bubbles on the one of the right,
but I learned a lot from it so far, so I'm calling it done,
for the most part.

Maybe. . .


  1. How wonderful to get some expert instruction in the middle of this challenge and so impressed you have managed to keep blogging. I hope what you have learned serves you well for years to come...

  2. Love your water! It looks done to me! Hope you enjoy your class!

  3. Thanks Cathy. It looks much better today after Jerry gave me some very individualized instruction on things I struggle with, like water and perspective. Hope those two areas of my work will soon improve.


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