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Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 1 - Jersey Girl

One Down - 29 To Go!


Got that first painting done!
I have sweat bullets over this painting and I've signed it and it's done!!!

I have wanted to paint animals,
especially cows, sheep and goats,
maybe because we raise them,
but I think they are so pretty.

I have several artists I follow, because they paint beautiful cows.
Kathie Papasso is one of them.

Total envy every time I see one of her new paintings.

this challenge to me is to try new things knowing I may not get a sellable painting during the whole month.  Oh Well.  

This week is Anything Goes is my theme so here goes the cow.
I took the photo last during the Kentucky State Fair
and I think Jersey cows are so soft and beautiful.

I don't paint on Sunday,
so I tried to rationalize I'd paint it on Saturday, August 31,
and I still would be OK, because technically I would have painted the paintings in 30 days,
but maybe not exactly not 30 consecutive days.

I could not paint that cow Saturday.

I did two complete paintings and wiped both of them.

So I walked away and said,
I'll get after it on Monday morning.

So 6 a.m. I started.
And here she is,

I cannot believe how relieved I am to have this one done.

I have tried painting cows before with not great results,
And I am the first to admit, this is far from perfect,
but I am happy with it and I learned an awful lot this morning.

She's ready for her close up!

8 x 10 Acrylic on panel unframed  $95

OOPS!  You waited too long


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  1. She's wonderful! Cows are fun to do. I love how you handled the background also. I'm looking forward to the rest of your 30 in 30!

  2. Thanks so much Cathy. There was some apparatus for feeding and watering back there, but I didn't want that. I went for stall walls. I'm having a great time looking for paintster paintings.

  3. Great job, Sharon... congratulations on the sale! Woo hoo!!!

  4. I thought this was a photo at first glance! What a sweet face! And let me add my "Woo Hoo" to you too!!

  5. Thanks Linda and Terri for the WoooHooo's! It was a big day for me! Are we havin fun yet?


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