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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Returning from the dark side

Returning From the Dark Side

I've been in quite the funk lately,
and am trying to work my way out and get back into the light.

I've never really thought of myself as fragile,
a painting I did several weeks ago set me off
and I've had a hard time recovering. 
I will not allow myself to stay here, because it's not real pleasant.

I've had several family medical issues to deal with,
but now it's time to quit crying in my, my, Oh I don't know what to say here
since I don't drink.
But it's time to get back on the horse and move on.

I've decided to try some other things to get my mojo back,
so here you go. . .

I've always been afraid of water colors,
so I bought myself this Chinese brush kit for Christmas.
I hadn't opened it up, so the other day when I couldn't bring myself to paint,
I got it out and opened it up and figured out what everything was
and read the book.

Isn't that little brush holder too cute.

So this is my orchid.
It's only using the ink.
That was pretty fun, rubbing the ink in this little pot and adding just a drop or two of water,
and then painting.

I felt freer with that brush and painting than at any other time.  

That was weird.

Next, I said to myself,
let's work on some drawing.

I love to paint beach scenes and I wanted to work on the values of this one photograph I have,
so, I did.

 It's hard to see here, but there are several waves coming in and then the foam on the beach.

This was an interesting exercise for me.

We grow all sorts of flowers, but my favorite are my 15 or so Star Gazer lily plants.

I've been a florist for years and I love flowers, but they are hard to paint,
so I thought I work on understanding how these flowers are put together,
botanically speaking.

I'm not unhappy with it.

Then the real test.
Could I, should I pick up a brush and paint something.

I played a little game with myself, and painted it on a piece of heavy paper.
That way, if I couldn't do it, I could tell myself, well it wasn't going to be a painting for sale,
or on your website or anything like that.

Mind games.
Always with the mind games.

 So this is what I painted.
We had a beautiful, I mean stunning sunset and I photographed it,
and had it up on my computer and my iPad while I worked.
I taped the paper down onto my dabble board,
layed it on my table, no easel,
and painted.
I painted quickly and tried to paint shapes.

I'm not unhappy with it.
It doesn't show well here,
but I love the gate and the fence.
Isn't that weird.
All that color in the sky and the reflection
and I like a gate and a fence.

that's part of how I'm getting out of my funk.

Come back tomorrow and see the other thing I'm doing.



  1. I know that funk... he has been visiting me too! I like how you are working your way through it. I think we have to just keep going and not stop. I have not done brush & ink in years! I think what you are doing is great!

  2. Interesting blog, Sharon! I bought myself some chine-east ink and special paper and had fun experimenting a little, but in the end put it all away. Maybe I will give it another try... Thanks for sharing!
    Saludos Nelly

  3. Thanks Cathy and Nelly. Struggling in a lot of ways right now, but I'm going to keep moving in some direction, if not forward.

  4. Oh I know that feeling too well!! That is when I started drawing everyday earlier this year, it did help, but it has not completely left me! Some days are diamonds... just have to keep going:)

    1. Funny you should say that because I began daily drawing last week. Hopefully it helps free up my mind or my hand.

  5. I know that feeling Sharon! That is why I started doing daily drawing earlier this year. I needed to slow down and it did me will pass!! I think life gets in the way sometimes.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Hang in there, Sharon...keeping moving sounds like a great are too much of an artist to ever stop, so hopefully these side trips will bring you out of it. Art doesn't always have to equal paint, either, as you are reminding us!

  8. Thanks Meredith. I am currently looking for creativity anywhere I can find it. Getting ready for my art show should help I think.

  9. The art is beautiful. I love everything right down to the gate and fence... Though I love the sky very much!
    We sensitive/creative type human beings have it harder than most because our nature. I understand the funk and admire your open way of sharing your experience and solutions. It will help us all. Thanks Sharon


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