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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Painting Shadows

In the Shadows

Understanding how color works is pretty big in the art world.

Making something look 3D involves shadows.
Shadows on the subject, under the subject and behind the subject.
Sometimes even inside the subject.

Today Katelyn explored how to mix color to create shadows.

We used the primary colors and then added the complement to each one to make shadows.
Then we did a value study of the shadow color we made.

She's really concentrating.

Next we did a quick study of an apple and the shadows on the edges
and a shadow underneath the apple.

I had arranged several budvases of the flowers we grow here on the farm,
and Katelyn selected this one to paint.

It's a clear glass vase, and the background is much more green than the light blue that shows up here.
You can see the shadows at the base of the vase and behind the flowers.

Katelyn signing her painting.

This little painting gave many hard lessons.
Green for one thing.  
Clear glass,
not to mention the shadows.

Lots of lessons we'll both be using the rest of our artistic careers.

Give Katelyn a shout out for everything she's learning.


  1. Wonderful job, Katelyn!! I'd love to see your painting closer up. How awesome to be starting so young...wish I had!

  2. she's doing a great job. Listens real well and really tries to do what she's being taught.

  3. I am amazed at what I see. Good teaching and good "seeing skills" Tell Katelyn a definite - very well done!

  4. Thanks Julie. She has her last lesson this coming Monday. She's done a great job don't you think?


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