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Monday, March 4, 2013

What is Holding me Back?

What is Holding me Back?

Time for a little introspection here.
I just applied to win a scholarship for an online program
and one of the questions was
"What's holding you back from your dreams, goals, and best self?"

As I thought about that, I really had to do some soul searching.
I'm sort of a go-getter, even if a senior citizen go-getter. 
When I first began to paint I put it all out there, even when I didn't know where "out there" was.
I wish I'd started 40 years ago, but I'm making up for lost time.
But I am where I am in life, grandkids, illness and all, 
so I have to look forward and not backwards as I push forward. 

But what's holding me back? I ask myself again.
Fear is the one thing that holds me back.
Afraid I'm not as good as everybody else.
Afraid I really can't do this.
Get thee behind me fear.
But I do go on, even if fearful of the outcome.
After all, it is just paint, not brain surgery.
I can always start over tomorrow.  And I do!

I'm also not the traditional artist, because I love the marketing end of being an artist.
I love learning about social media and how to use it, 
how to create and use a blog,
how to create and promote a website,
how to approach a gallery,
how to promote a show.

It's all fun to me!

I was in retail for a long time so I guess that's where that love comes from.

I've always been creative and have had several creative endeavors.
But NOTHING has eaten me up like painting.

I think about it all the time.
I work at it almost every day.
I enjoy even the bad days.
But sometimes I doubt myself and any ability I may or may not have.
I guess most artists struggle with the lizard.
But I keep making plans, practicing, and showing up everyday
in some form or fashion.

I am not a chicken!

But I can paint one.

"Watching You Watching Me"
is an acrylic on a 12" x 12" panel

$100 + $10 shipping

Click here to purchase

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