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Monday, March 25, 2013

Do Over

 Do Over

I'm a sports nut as anyone who knows me knows,
and this is definitely a do over.

The more I looked at the original, above, the less I like it.
The shapes of the lily pads were not consistent.  I didn't like the flowers and I didn't like the colors.
So I just started over on the same canvas.  

New water, new lily pads and new flowers.  
New colors.
New attitude.

So, here's the do over.
I like the water much better
I like the lily pads better
and I like the flowers better.
I even like th color better.

The lily pads in the first one did not have good perspective. 
Some looked like elipses and some looked like circles.  
Either or Sharon but not both.

I like the green in the lily pads better.

Not signed yet, but it will be because
sticka fork in it,
it's done.
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