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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shoes, beautiful shoes

Shoes, Beautiful Shoes
My  daughter Kari is a shoe dog, and these are one of her many favorite pair of shoes.
Sometimes I feel like I'm walking in a hole next to her when she wears some of her really high heels.
This painting is not available, because I gave it to her, but I thought it was a fun painting.

This post is part of a group of blogs that began at Chocolate on my Cranium.
All the posts are about shoes.
I tried to connect mine to theirs, but sometimes things just do go according to plan.


  1. Wow, neat painting! Glad to find someone else who knows what Raynaud's is like.

    1. I had a number of health issues for 30 years until I gave my Dr. those symptoms, then he was able to put it all together for a diagnosis that made sense. It's not fun, but doing OK.

  2. Love the painting! I don't know how women can walk in really high heels. They must have a talent!

    1. I don't know how they do it either. My daughter wears a lot of 4" heels and she has several pairs that are platform with 4" heels. No Can Do! But she has never fallen off them., hehe.

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