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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Inspiration comes in strange places.

I was having a crazy week, make that two weeks, of running from appointment to appointment.
Library show, gallery opening, Aidan here and there, birthday, Mother's Day, painting day.
I have been reading I'd rather be in the studio by Alyson B. Stanfield.
She writes and coaches about art businesses and how to stay focused and be more effective.
I had been reading chapter 3, Living with Routines and how having routines actually frees up your mind and time to do more creative things.
I was at McDonald's getting breakfast on one of my busiest days, getting a glass of water.
I filled it up with ice, and watched as the water filling in all around it inspired or taught me.
The ice, to me, are the important or the must do's.
There are things that must get done, like eating, sleeping, painting, cleaning, and gardening.
There are things that are fun and make life interesting, but not essential, the water.
The water flowed into the cup and filled in every little space the ice did not occupy.
Less ice, more water.
Not really cold refreshing water, but water none the less.

I'm trying to implement many of the ideas taught by Alyson, 
and this is one of them.
The fun interesting non-essential things can take over our life, if we don't stay focused.
We will still get some of the essential things done, but not as many and not as well.

Who knew that along with my breakfast and large glass of water 
I'd receive such visual inspiration.

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