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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Learning Curves Ahead

First Attempt
This was the first painting we did at the Dreama Tolle Perry Workshop.
It's hard learning to loosen yourself up,
but it was a lot of fun learning.

These two paintings are from day two.
The red awning one is the one we were supposed to do
and the green one I did because it reminded me of my flower shop
in Augusta, KY.
Thought my kids would get a kick out of it.

This is my musical easels painting.  
We each got our own paintings started,
then when the music quit 
we moved to another easel to work on someone elses painting
and someone moved to our easel to work on ours.
We only had a few minutes to work on each painting
so it really freed you up to see what needed to be done,
and do it.

This was my free style painting.
We were each supposed to bring some photos to work on in our free time.
I took the photo for this painting at Stream Cliff Herb Farm several years ago.
This is a 6 x 6 and I'm going to keep working on it in different sizes until I'm really happy with it.
Again, I wasn't too happy with it until I got the pathway pretty chunky and added a different color to the sky.
Neither of which took more than a few minutes to do.
Amazing what a few strokes can do!
None of these are for sale.
as I get better,
there will be some at a future time.
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