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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Introducing Purdy

I Give You Purdy


Is one of my cats I have been able to tame down.

All my cats are outside cats and all but their mother have been wild as hairs.

Somehow I was able to tame several of them down,
one by one.

All of my other cats have very thick coats, but they are sleek,
then up shows Miss Purdy in the middle of a litter of calicos with all this fabulous fur.  
She's a show off.

She would not come anywhere near anyone, then one day she decided to take a chance on me.
She let me get just close enough, but no touching.
Each day she got a little braver, until finally, she let me pet her.
Now I can't go outside without her walking between my legs, rubbing all over me.
If I sit down, she's going to be right there.  
She's hilarious.    

I've been working on learning how to paint cats and dogs.
and this is my first painting
  of my first subject I've been happy with.   

I did another of Miss Purdy, (I call her that because she's so pretty), but she looked like more like a lion than a cat.

This one definitely is not perfect,
but I think I'm on my way.   

Here's the real thing.
I don't think I did too bad.  


  1. Beautiful kitty, beautiful portrait, yes she is Purdy!

  2. She's adorable and you did her great justice! Love her natural eyeliner!

  3. Thanks Meredith and Terri. She is a hoot and I'll keep practicing on her and my other cats. Appreciate the comments.


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