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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Technology Tuesday - Spread Sheet

Did I Blog About That Painting

There's a lot of things to remember when promoting your art
or any product, online.

Have you every realized that painting you love is not on your website?
I have.

Have you ever forgot to post it on Daily Paintworks?
I have.

Have you ever forgot to blog about a painting?
I have.

If there's a way to screw it up,
I've already done it.

But during the most recent 30 paintings in 30 days challenge,
I was able to keep all the balls in the air with my trusty spread sheet.

I know,
I'm a geek!

Anyway, here's how I did it.

Name of Painting Photograph Website DPW Blog Facebook Pinterest Sold Leslies Blog
Day 1 Jersey Girl X X X X X X X X
Day 2 Grazing X X X X X X
Day 3 Strut X X X X X X
Day 4 Wanna Play X X X X X X

There are two columns to the right I'm not sure you can see.
One is a sold column which you could make a whole spread sheet for that with columns for
sold, paid for, shipped, insured, price for shipping, and dates and anything else you need.
The other column was strictly for the 30 in 30 challenge,
and that column is on Leslie's blog.

With that spread sheet, I no longer have to worry about did I do it or not.
When I did it, I checked it off.

Another Thing I Don't Have to Remember.

Also, I'm sure you guys have figured out a way to do this,
but this is what I came up with on keeping the URL's for my paintings listed on DPW.

I have a document in Microsoft Word and I copy and paste all the URL's on there preceded by the name of the painting.  

If I want to facebook or blog about a piece on DPW, I just copy and paste the URL and link it in the new document.

I usually keep both of those documents minimized on my desktop,
so they are always handy.

It takes a few minutes to set up the spread sheet,
but for me, the time it saves in helping me stay organized is 


Still Time For A Commission

This was a commission I did last year of a local tobacco barn for a Christmas gift.

There's still time for your custom art piece for Christmas.
 (for the next 10 days or so)

email me at
or leave me a comment and I'll contact you.

What a great gift idea.


  1. You are so organized, much more than me. It sure isn't the fun part of painting, the business end but it is necessary. We need agents don't we? Lol

  2. Thanks Barb. Yes the business end is not as fun as the painting end although I don't hate it like some artists do. I'm from a retail background so I enjoy the business end of it too.

  3. Thanks Barb. Can't get anything done if my brain is spinning.


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