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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Create a Painting From a Drawing

How To Create a Painting From a Drawing

Once you have your drawing completed,
now you have to create a painting from it.

How does that happen?

There's a number of ways to transfer a drawing to a support, but I once read somewhere,
anyway you can
is the rule.  

So don't stress over how do I get my drawing on my support.  there's lots of ways and in the end, it doesn't really matter.

Now we need to paint it.

This is just a fun painting you can 
really let your creativity loose on.

Use your own colors, your own facial markings,
 your own idea for a background.  

The process is the same regardless of the end game.

You can draw your subject right on the support.
You can use transfer paper to get subject on support.
You can use a light box to get your subject on the support.
(I don't have one)

Hope you learned a lot from this post about getting the drawing ready to paint and actually painting it.  

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  1. Hi Sharon - you really know how to make it easy for everyone. Glad to know you let them have a choice of how to get their drawing done. Most illustrators use a projector to safe time so thats the answer to people who think tracing is not right. Good for you.


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