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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Encouragement - Motivation Monday


(ok so it's not really Monday, but we won't split hairs.)

Encouragement is my word of the week!

For my online students I have a private Facebook page where they can post photos of their work, ask questions, and encourage each other.
My students are basically all beginning painters,
so their fear level of "not doing good enough" is pretty high.

That's where encouragement comes in.

There are enough critics in the world,
especially recently,
and I really think we could use with more encouragement.

your friends,
your family,
your classmates,
your co-workers,
your employees,
your spouse,
your children,

Enough with the negativity,
the I can't's
the I'm no goods,
 the they are betters,
the I'll never get this',
the I'm pathetics,

and bring on the:
I did so much better on this than the last time,
I like this part of my painting,
I'm excited I learned how to . . .
I've finally gotten that and it makes me feel great. . .
I understand how this works. . .
I am beginning to see things differently. . .
I learned this, so I know I can learn that. . .

There are enough people in the world to bring us down,
don't you add to that by bringing your own self down.

Great art doesn't just exude out of some people 
and not others. 

Artists that we love today, like Van Gogh were not successful in their day, and yet, they kept painting.
Monet struggled financially for years and yet,
he kept painting.

Photo of Monet painting Water Lilies.
Photographed from a book 
Monet  A Retrospective
(That's not exactly how I pictured him)

Let's encourage each other and ourselves
in a world that is nearly taken over with negativity
and watch as our own art improves as will our state of mind.

It's amazing, but one encouraging comment on Instagram or Facebook or a blog can carry someone through for months.
Years ago, Jim and I took our 4 children out to eat.  They were between the ages of 3 months and 7 years.
(I know, what were we thinking???)
I felt like it was a crazy chaotic meal,
and as an older couple got up to leave  
they headed in the direction of our table.
They stopped at our table and said,
"You have the best behaved children I think we've ever seen,"

That one sentence of encouragement brings tears to my eyes just writing about it now.
The 7 year old is now 43 and that sweet sentence
kept me going for years.
When I felt like I was the biggest failure as a mom,
I'd think back to that day and take a big breath
and go on being a mom.

is something we all need.

You're doing a great job and I hope you know it!

Thank you so much for following my blog.
I so appreciate it!

Continue working hard at whatever it is you love.

Thanks for stopping by today and have a great day!

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(insert sad face here)

Now you know!

Have a great one.


  1. This is such a great post, Sharon. It reminds me as a teacher to remember the balance between a helpful critique and encouragement. Difficult when you look at a really poorly painted piece... I always try to find something to praise, to give encouragement...but it has to be truthful. I think they know if it isn't. The top notch painters want total honesty, but they are secure in their abilities. I notice they still respond to encouragement though.
    Have a wonderful week and THANK YOU for your wonderful posts.

    1. Thanks Julie. Since I teach mainly beginning students, I think they need encouragement the most. They know they had problems all along the way, but if I'm not careful I can squelch their creative process without meaning to. Praise, critique if I must, then more praise is the path I try to take. Always so appreciate the encouragement and support you give me. Thank you so much.


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