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Friday, November 20, 2015

Life Changing Events

Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind?
It's not often easy,
and it's not often kind,
Did you ever have to finally decide?

Yeah!  I'm a child of the 60's
and I had to finally decide.

 This fun, cute, even spunky little art gallery,
will be closing it's doors for good,
Saturday, December 19.

I know, it's sad, but it is what it is
and I can't make it otherwise.

I've had a really great time though,
teaching many children and adults
all about painting.

I want to thank all  my loyal customers 
for coming into River Run Gallery
and painting, drawing, and shopping
from the bottom of my heart.
I have so appreciated your support and friendship!

The artists in River Run Gallery
will begin to move their art out of the gallery 
on the 18th and 19th,
if there's something you've had your eye on,
NOW would be a really good time to come on it
and get that wrap, purse, photograph, jewelry
or painting.  

All garden stones are 50% off
and all paintings are30% off.
I have a great selection of earrings that are 20% off.

And for those of you who want to learn 
how to paint from the ground up,
I've created an online beginning painting course, with the absolute beginner in mind.
Click HERE to give it a look,
(no obligation, you're just browsing).  

Our website at
will come down, December 15
and our blog will come down sometime 
before the first of the year.  

But on a happier note, this blog will continue
as I continue painting and creating
and teaching beginning art classes.

I plan on putting together art camps in the summer,
although I'm not sure where,
it might be out at our farm.

And I will continue giving away a painting every single month,
so get your name in the hat by clicking on the link below.

November Painting Giveaway

Click Here to Enter for a FREE Painting

Let's not be strangers.
Stop in to see me before we close December 19,
and then,
open up my blog posts or newsletters to see what's going on
in my little corner of the art world.

I have some fixtures and signage I'm selling if you're local and 
would like a pretty good deal on it.

Just let me know.

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