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Friday, August 3, 2012

Buying the Artist

I follow artbizblog by Alyson Stanfield and she had deep thought Thursday asking the question do you buy the art or the artist.  This has brought on deep thoughts in deed.  Jim (a fellow follower) responded on her blog that collectors buy the artist and people buy the art.

Now that's a deep thought.

As I thought about it, I think Jim is right.There are artists I follow that I know I would be buying the artist.  These are artists I've followed and see their work whenever they post new work.  They have different styles and the main similar thread is their use of beautiful color.

Barbara Ball Pask - friend from high school in Mason, OH and great artist.  Love the way she turns an everyday normal house into beautiful art.

Dreama Tolle Perry - I took a class from and is responsible for not only incredibly beautiful art but also for making a cat and a mouse famous.

Becky Joy - definitely has the right name.  Viewing her art brings joy to my life.

Laurel Daniel - another prolific artist who is active and out there creating beautiful pieces every day.

These are just a few of the artists I enjoy following.  I receive many inspiring works of art in my inbox every day.  Isn't that fun!?

What about you?  Who are your fav's and would you be buying the art or the artist?

Leave a comment about your thoughts on this topic.

Here's a 5 x 7 painting I did inspired by a beautiful place, 
Stream Cliff Farms and after I took a class with Dreama Tolle Perry.
(Since we're visual people, I had to throw in a fun painting.)

Just had another thought.
As artists we are influenced by so many other artists,
when you buy a piece of art from one artist,
you're really getting little snippets from other artists as well.

Just thinking.

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