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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Keeping My Chickens Flying

I just finished reading an interesting article written by famed artist/writer Jack White about keeping my chickens flying.  He began by telling an interesting story about a farmer during the depression taking a pick up truck of chickens to market.  He was followed by a business man who was trying to pass the pickup but couldn’t because of the poor road conditions back then.  The farmer would stop his truck every hundred yards or so and beat the chicken crates with a broom.  He would drive a few hundred yards and get out and beat the chicken crates with a broom.  The business man couldn’t resist asking what the farmer was doing.  The farmer told the business man that he was taking two tons of chickens to market in a nearby city.  They were all he had and he needed to sell them desperately.  The problem was he only had a one ton pickup truck so he had to keep half of the chickens flying in order to not stress his old truck.

Jack went on to say that with the economy as stagnant as it is, artists may have to find a way to keep their chickens in the air in order to feed their families.  I couldn’t agree more.  His approach was very pragmatic and down to earth and gave examples of how artists he knew were thinking out of the box and letting their art evolve to continue to create and eat. 

One of the examples he gave was very close to something I’ve been working on.  I was given some outdoor tiles and have begun to paint scenes on them.  They have a minimum of three coats of outdoor varnish on them to protect them from the weather. They make really unique garden stones.  I would love to paint one for you.
I will begin showing them at the RiverView Farmer’s Market this Saturday.  They are $30 each.

They are heavy so it will cost approximately $20 to ship one, but if you live in or near Carroll County, KY and can come to the Farmer's Market on Saturday at Hometown Pizza on Saturday from 8 a.m. until noon or the Courthouse lawn on Wednesday from 2-5 p.m. check them out.

I'm only showing two of them right here, but I have four available at the moment with more to come.  


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