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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Party's Over

Pin It    I just returned from Myrtle Beach, SC., where my husband, Jim and I had a much needed vacation. 

We stopped in Bardstown, KY where I took a class on composition, design and perspective from Jerry Yarnell.  It was a great class, met some great people and I learned a lot. 

What I learned on the beach

One day Jim and I were walking along the beach and the surf was up and the waves were high.  As we walked through the very shallow water we weren't seeing many shells.  When we walked out further into the rougher and deeper water we began finding some very interesting shells.  What a difference a few feet made.  It wasn't until we got out of our comfort zone, the safe shallow water, that we began to find some really pretty shells.

You can't walk where everyone else walks if you want to find a beautiful treasure.  You have to strike out on your own to find the true treasures in life.  If it were easy, everyone would do it.   


  1. How cool to read your post and find you visited my hometown...Bardstown! I just love that beautiful little town. Glad you enjoyed your vacation.

  2. I like Jerry Yarnell, I purchased one of his dvds several years ago on composition etc, 4 hrs. long I think. I catch him on Saturday mornings on tv too, just can't understand why he mostly paints in acrylics, lol. Love my oils, lol. Sounds like a great vacation, glad you go away.

  3. he paints in acrylics the same reason I do. lung problems and the solvents for oils tear him up. I might not be able to smell the low odor thinner, but I can feel them. I also like the dry time of acrylics. I can finish something, frame it, and ship it the same day.

    Had a great vacation. Needed it really badly.

  4. Debra, I don't know why my response didn't publish. So here it goes again.

    I took a composition class a year ago from Jerry Yarnell in Bardstown and a 2 day painting class. That's when I realized I could do this.

    Bardstown is a really cool town. I enjoyed it a lot. There were several shops I really liked, but what I really thought was neat, is that Bardstowh must be the only place in Ky. where there is that much gently rolling or nearly flat land. It is beautiful

  5. I didn't know Jerry had issues with oils, I think I have seen him paint with them?? Thank goodness there are acrylics, I would be painting with them if I couldn't tolerate the oils. I don't use a medium and very little Turpenoid and lucky for me I don't have a problem with them, yet anyway.

  6. he explained last year he has had cancer and uses water miscile oils, but he says he no longer paints in oils. I have some oils that I cannot use, maybe I should send them to you. They're just little tubes from a set. I also have some odorless thinner. Say the word and I'll send it.


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