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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another Lesson from the Garden

Looking at my flower gardens recently, I made this observation.  I have a bed of impatiens that I have watered religiously this entire summer.  No matter how oppressively hot and steamy, I'm out there lugging my hose around giving these plants a long cool drink. 

They have rewarded me for all my work and expensive water with very little growth, few flowers and a rather sad display of color. 

Now however, with steady rain and cooler temperatures, they are thriving.  They are growing like, well like weeds and have beautiful color. 

The Lesson

I guess the lesson is it takes the Real Thing, and not an artificial substitute for things to grow or improve.  My hose water was a poor substitute for the life giving water from a watchful Heavenly Father.  To become a better artist, it takes real practice, practice with purpose and lots and lots of looking, seeing and then more painting.  Can't read about it, think about it or look at others art, although all those things can help.  But to create great art, I must honestly evaluate my work and then work to improve brush stroke by brush stroke. 

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  1. Reading this post, reminds me of how much I miss you! You are such and inspiration to me. Haven't you always dreamed of painting an oriental garden??? I provide free lodging. Come anytime and we will supply the gardens. :)


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