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Monday, April 28, 2014

Theatre Art

Final Production

My granddaughter Kelsie is getting ready to graduate from high school.

She has belonged to a homeschool theater group and been in 8 productions.
This last weekend Kelsie was in her last production with Center Stage Productions.

She has grown up in this group in many ways, particularly theatrically.

The final production of Ramona Quimby 
was this past weekend and next weekend.

She played the part of Aunt Bea.

You'll see she is nothing like the "Aunt Bea" we all think of from Andy Griffith.

Told ya she didn't look like "that" Aunt Bea.

Here she saves the day by bringing "Whopper Burgers" for dinner.

They built a 3 story apt. set for a few scenes like this.
 The kids do everything from building the sets, sewing the costumes, doing the make up and hair, props, lighting, music, and all the acting.

Two mothers started this group years ago and are stepping down after this production.
Their kids are grown up and no longer in the club.

Many kids have had some wonderful experiences including my Kelsie.

 Kelsie gets married in this scene.

She looks beautiful here, 
but we are no where near ready for this scene.

I love this photo.

 CSP puts on their productions in the historic Holland Theatre.

At the end of this production CSP will have donated $100,000 to the Holland Theatre.
It has been used by the Save The Holland group who have been restoring this fabulous theatre for a number of years.
Click here to see more about this historic theatre.

A hilarious moment by Miss Kelsie.

Ramona and Aunt Bea.
This young girl, Ramona, is 11 and is in her first production.
She is quite the actor and hopefully she'll audition for the community theatre group associated with the Holland. 
Kelsie has brought our family much joy and pride in all her endeavors.
She's off to college in a "few short months"
and we'll let you know when that decision has been made.
She's got some pretty interesting options open to her right now.
Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. I loved seeing your granddaughter in these plays! Thank you for sharing. She is very beautiful and must bring you so much happiness.

  2. Thanks Cathy. She is dropdead gorgeous and we are very proud of her. I can't believe I could possibly have a grand daughter that is graduating this year.


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