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Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring in a Jar

Spring In A Jar
I've been practicing painting daffodils for several days now,
and I've finally gotten something I'm happy with.
It is a combination of almost every practice painting I did in the last week.
I have learned so much through the practice, 
like how to get the bell to have dimension,
How to paint forsythia branches and blossoms,
How to get my jar looking like a jar, 
How to get that filmy paper looking part of the bloom to quietly show up.

Without further ado,
I give you

Spring In A Jar
  is acrylic on 12" x 9" 110 lb natural white acrylic paper.

$100 + $6 shipping

1 comment:

  1. I agree with you - it takes practice to do a daffodil justice. You have succeeded here. The trumpet is beautifully rounded. I love the color combination you have used as well. I have just been painting forsythia and found it complex. Mine had too many flowers open I like the way you have yours.


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