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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sports Loving Artist

Gotta LOVE March

I guess I'm not a typical artist.
I don't know what a typical artist is or what they look like,
I don't think I fit into that mold.

I'm a sports fanatic and I love this time of year.

March Madness
Opening Day for the Cincinnati Reds.

All in one month and within 24 hours of each other.

I used to take my kids out of school to take them to the Findlay Market Opening Day
 parade in Cincinnati. 
We also went to Fountain Square in 1990 when the Reds won the World Series.

I still love to go to the ball park.

Wanna Play
6" x 6" acrylic on a panel

$50 + $6 shipping

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     CAT Crazy
6" x 6" acrylic on a panel.
$50 + $6 shipping
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I am Cat crazy! 
That was quite a game Kentucky played against Michigan
and now they're in the Final Four!

It's funny how our lives change and metamorphisize.
We start at point A and move through several phases to get to point B, C or D.

I grew up playing baseball in a sandlot across the street
and learned to love basketball as a 10 year old when my Uncle took me to a
Cincinnati Royals game.
 I used to watch the Green Bay Packers on a small black and white TV.
 Learned to ice skate on a ditch in the back yard,
Learned to cast from my brother in the front yard.
Went hunting with my dad, brother and uncle on Thanksgiving.
 I raised cattle for 4-H.

I always had a creative side, but I grew up as a tomboy,
playing outside all day
coming in only when it got dark.

These two paintings bring back so many wonderful memories of my childhood
and my kids childhoods.

I love March.

Thanks for stopping in today.


  1. Hey Sharon, great post and I love the paintings together. I am happy your team made it to the Final Four, I believe my Tarheels will get there next year.
    I am possibly as big a sports nut as you are. I have been to the Great American Ball Park to watch the Reds and it was great.

  2. Thanks Fay for taking the time to comment. I thought you were a pretty big sports fan from things you've written particularly about the Heels. The Wildcats certainly have the talent, but we didn't know if they would ever play as a team! Go Cats!


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