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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rocks on the brain

I love to paint rocks.
I've had trouble with them lately so today I was looking for inspiration on youtube
and found a short video by Jerry Yarnell to watch
and then I did this study.
I have the light coming in different directions.
Hence the arrows.
I added the grass just to give them a more finished look.

Then I went on Wet Canvas for a photo of something with some rocks in it.
I found a photo reference I really liked with mist, trees, a creek and of course

Sunbeams streaming through trees with a creek bed and water and rocks.

Morning Mist 
has just about everything I love.
Trees, water, rocks and other interesting stuff.
This was a lot of fun to paint.
Not sure if it's done, but I think it might be.
What do you think?

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  1. I consider rocks one of the most difficult things to paint. Challenging!

  2. Isn't it interesting to see the things we each struggle with. One person is great at one thing and someone else is great at another subject. What type of medium do you paint in?


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