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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Art Buddies

What Generation Gap?

When I first started teaching art about 4 years ago,
my very first student was Alex.

Some of you may remember her.

This was when I taught art lessons in my home.
We became very good friends,
even though there is little bit of a difference in our ages. 
Well today was a really fun day in River Run Gallery
because Alex came in to get caught up on a drawing lesson
so she can join the beginning drawing class in the Gallery on Tuesday.
Alex started the sixth grade this year,
and wants to really learn how to draw.
She missed the first lesson, 
but I really wanted her to learn this,
so she came in today and I got her caught up
and she is ready for her closeup.
Now I'm turning her over to our excellent teacher
Jeremy Cobb.
Be Gentle!
She's a special lady!



  1. I totally enjoyed reading about the continuation of the love of art in Alex's life. Just have started something which will last all her life. Wonderful!

  2. Thanks so much Julie. She's bitten off a pretty big bite by taking this course at such a young age, but she's determined and talented. I'll let her know what you said.


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