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Monday, March 17, 2014

Artists in Time Out

Making Memories and Art
Our visit to our son's family in Utah was wonderful but I ended up in time out.
We took a time out to  create some art
Did you think I was in some sort of trouble?
We had some pretty cool paper I got at Preston Art Center,
in Louisville, KY.
It's lined like first grade paper on the bottom and it's plain on the top, so you can paint a picture and then tell a story about it.
I've never used water color before, (because I'm afraid of it),
so we did a fair amount of playing.
Karen, my granddaughter drew a lot of her favorite things and painted them.
Then she drew a picture of her mom behind the house.
She wrote on her paper "There's a mom behind the house".
She was much more profound than she knew.
I also bought one of those water color brushes that has the water in it.
That was lots of fun.
More on those later.


  1. Very Cool! Looks like you and Karen had a great time! Nice photo, too.

  2. We did have a great time Fay. Thanks.


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