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Thursday, August 29, 2013


Re Worked the Truck Drawing
I know,
my truck drawing was horrible!!
I almost didn't post it, but I did just for this purpose.
To try again and hopefully have a better result.

So today after listing paintings on my daily paintworks site,
and other miscellaneous social media stuff,

I took up the truck drawing again.

 This is the black and white photo of the truck.
I'm changing the whole composition
because the truck is the star.
It's black with plenty of vintage patina,
otherwise known as rust.

Here goes the drawing as I see it happening on my canvas.

    I'm much less embarrassed with this drawing.

It will be out in the middle of a field with weeds growing up around it.

This painting is scheduled for Day 2.
That first week, my theme for the week is 
"All Over The Place",
so there will be all sorts of subject matter.

Week 2 - Architecture week
Most of that will come from some fabulous photos I took while in 
St. Augustine, Savannah, and Charleston last winter.

Week 3 - Beach Week
not much explanation needed there.

Week 4 - Flower Week
You know my love for flowers is taken over here.  

The final two days are anything goes.

Tell your friends and neighbors,
The challenge is coming!!!


  1. I love this truck! I'll be waiting to see it painted..the drawing looks good! You are well organised for the 30/30 challenge..great subjects too! I can't wait to see all the work!

  2. Thanks Karen. It's a fun looking truck. Can't wait for that day.


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