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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Maybe one of my favorite blog posts

Maniac Painter

Why do I describe myself that way.

Because I am.

I don't know why I'm driven to paint,
(at least I still have my ears)

But I am driven to paint
 I love it.

I love the feel of the brush, the paint,
seeing something show up on the canvas,
getting the idea,
seeing the idea develop,
slopping paint on the canvas (and me)

Today I read a blog post from Clint Watson on FASO (fine art studios online) that I truly love.
He explains why he spends so much time and money on playing the guitar.

I totally get it.

I do it because there's nothing else I enjoy doing as much.

OK, maybe watching Kentucky Basketball,
but that's a whole nother topic or mania.

Unlike many artists,
I also like the selling part.

I was a retailer and I guess I still am,
because I love that part about painting,
but not as much as the painting itself.

Below is a link for his post.


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